The Very Basics

  1. Make a Site

    All Joelie coding begins here.

  2. Code a Solo Routine

    It's important to understand your site's solo routine.

  3. Add Pages

    Add CSS, Javascript, HTML and more using Joelie routines.


Helpful Techniques

  • Code Shrinking

    Don't repeat yourself! Shrink useful code into specific routines.

  • Adding Tags

    Create code for use by other Joelie programmers by adding your own tags to the Joelie language.

Write Joelie Code

Take a look at these sample routines
to get a feel for how Joelie Code works.

There are only two basic types of Joelie routine: solo and sub. There is only one solo routine on every Joelie site, and it tells all of the other sub routines when to run.