The Very Basics

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  1. Make a Site
  2. Code a Solo Routine
  3. Add Pages

Make a Site

Making a Joelie website is as easy as editing one - you simply navigate to it. For example, if you wanted to make a site called "mysite", you would navigate to /site-mysite.

If you navigate to a /site that is not taken, Joelie will automatically direct you to a page that will help you make a new site.

You can also click the "new" button from your Joelie Dashboard when logged in. This will bring up the option of creating a new Joelie web site.


Code a Solo Routine

Your Joelie website's solo routine directs all of your website traffic. If someone navigates to, the solo routine must direct them to an about page. Or, if someone navigates to, your solo routine must be able to display a "not found" page.

With a little help from the Slash and Slashdefault tags, you should be able to code a solo routine on your own even if you have little or no programming experience.

Here is an example of a solo routine:

<!--- Solo Routine --->

<slash '', 'home'>
  <!--- show home page --->

<slash 'about'>
  <!--- show about page --->

  <!--- show "not found" page --->

Add Pages

Adding pages to your website is easy using Joelie routines - you can make your routines work like many different kinds of web documents.

The easiest way to add a new routine to your Joelie site is to use the "new" button, which appears on the upper-righthand corner of just about every page when you are logged in. Or, you can navigate to the address of a routine you would like to create that doesn't exist yet (ex. "/routine=whatever^mysite"), and Joelie will automatically redirect you to a page that helps you create that routine.

You can also highlight part of the code in your solo routine and use the "shrink" button to shrink that code into a new page for your site.